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Four years after graduating from Smith Cotton High School (Sedalia, Missouri) in 1963, Johnny  became a Baylor University BA graduate in 1967 majoring in Political Science and minoring in Oral Communication.  Dr. Glen Capp was his favorite Baylor professor.  Dutch Schroeder was his favorite Baylor coach. Johnny (as a pitcher and outfielder) played a lot of baseball in those days for the Freshman Baylor Baseball Team (being the  Baylor Freshman Baseball team's starting pitcher in 1964 against University of Texas, Texas A&M, SMU, and others) and for the well-regarded and very-solid Waco Braves semi-pro baseball team during 1964, 1965, 1966, and 1967. 

  While playing for the Waco Braves in 1967 he set a team record that year as the only starting pitcher to hit an over-the-fence home run and be the winning pitcher in the same game. 

During the summer of 1967  he heard of an open try-out for the Class "A" Burlington Bees (1967 W56/L59) minor league baseball team in  the Class "A" Midwest League in Burlington, Iowa.  The Bees at that time were affiliated with the old Kansas City Athletics. He decided to give it a shot. So, he drove his Buick Special from Kansas City  (where he was working at the Lake City Army Arsenal  for the summer before the start of law school) to Burlington, Iowa to participate in the try-out session. He  heard that their 1967 roster contained 19 pitchers out of a total 40 man  roster.  In 1967 Al Ronning was their manager. They were continually looking for pitchers to help them break out of the middle of their 10 team league.  After participating in throwing, catching, running, and hitting drills, he was chosen by the Bees Manager to be one of the two starting pitchers in their 9 inning practice game. He pitched 5 innings of solid baseball, however, he was not selected to join the team primarily due to his high military 1-A  draft status. He later realized that he lacked the consistent velocity that is required to be successful as a Class  "A"  baseball pitcher.  He chalked  it up to  at least a good experience.

He is currently a baseball member of the Baylor "B" Association for former Baylor

Letter Men / Letter Winners. (See: )

Next he moved on to law school and after finishing the first year of law school and going deep into the first semester of the second year of law school, Johnny was drafted by the Pettis County Draft Board  into the US Army. Military Draft Deferments (for educational purposes) were not available for law students in those days.

Upon completion of US Army Basic Combat Training and Leadership Training at Ft Leonard Wood, Missouri, Johnny was selected as "Top Man" on January 31, 1969 of his Basic Combat Training Company by the base commander Colonel Irving C. Hughes, Infantry Commanding.  Johnny  worked in S-2 Security & Intelligence (442nd Signal Battalion - 29th Signal Group - Southeast Asia / Northern Thailand) during the Vietnam era.  This was not long after the Tet Offensive in Vietnam and things were pretty active in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. He did two tours of duty in northeast Thailand (November 1969 to  November 1970 ... and ... November 1970 to August 1971).   During those two deployments Johnny  was engaged in supporting  Signal Corp matters in Thailand, Laos, and Monkey Mountain, Vietnam.  During a part of  this time he was also concurrently in-charge of the Camp Friendship Signal Corp Photo Shop.  He was also the winning fast pitch pitcher of the final championship fast pitch game for the US Army team in the 1970 Korat  Camp Friendship Thailand US Army Base Tournament and was awarded the game ball inscribed with the 6 to 5 final score.  Upon the approval of LTC Ed Jones (Johnny's Battalion Commanding Officer), Johnny was awarded the US Army Commendation Medal  in August 1971 for his performance during those Southeast Asia deployments. He also received the Republic of Vietnam Medal, and the Vietnam Service Medal due to his support and  involvement in Laos and Vietnam.   

After his military service, Johnny re-started the second year of law school and two years later he became a University of Memphis - Cecil C. Humphreys' School of Law - JD graduate.  He was best known in law school (not for scholarship) but rather for catching the game winning touchdown 30 yard pass thrown by  the PAD  quarterback (Mike Cavendish) as time expired in the 1968 Memphis Law School Football Championship.

After graduation from law school, he taught Business Law as a full time Assistant Professor at Central Missouri State University. (Later in his career, he also taught Business Law courses at State Fair Community College and Austin Community College as an adjunct instructor in addition to his then-current jobs). 

Following that, Johnny practiced law in Sedalia, Missouri for 5 years in general  law practice. During this period he served as President of the Pettis County Bar Association in 1975, He also served on the Board of Directors of the Boys' Club of Sedalia in 1976-1978.

Next, he became a University of Missouri-KC Law School LLM graduate. The LLM Degree is the terminal degree in law.

Later, for more than 40 years, he  worked in the following value-added team member roles (listed below):  consultant, legal advisor, freelancer, assistant professor, category manager, contractor, service provider, subject-matter expert or as an employee performing legal services and contracts management services. He performed the above-roles for the following entities  as a value-added  team member assisting these entities provide successful solutions for customers / clients.:  US Army, Central Missouri State University, Whiteman Air Force Base, State Fair Community College, Midwest Research Institute (MRI), Tracor Inc., Tracor Aerospace Inc.,  Austin Community College, Texas Instruments, Radian Corporation, Radian International LLC, Radian Engineering Inc., Radian SEA Limited, Pervasive Software Inc., Microelectronics Computer Technology Corporation (MCC), Total Chemical Management (TMC), URS, CH2M Hill, University of Texas at Austin, YRCI, Lumen Legal, Accenture, Accenture Procurement Solutions, BCForward, PCALLC, WellAware Holdings, Inc., Tango Flight Inc., Mason Black, and others. 

As a result of the specific work that he was doing, he was granted a Top Secret Security Clearance during his military service as well as later during a portion of his civilian employment.

While working with these entities on a value-added team member basis, he has worked  in-person ("boots on the ground")  at their client / customer locations in Washington DC,, Dallas, Houston, Los Angles, Sacramento, El Paso, Chicago, Milwaukee, Kansas City, Minneapolis, San Francisco, Detroit, Philadelphia, Memphis, San Diego, Atlanta, Boston, San Antonio, Australia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Mexico, and other locations.

Currently, in addition to his law practice in Bryan, Texas ("The John E. Miller Law Office") where he focuses on the legal aspects of  "Contracts Management"   ( he  owns and operates "Johnny Pickleball Sports", a distributor / dealer of sports equipment in Bryan / College Station, Texas: (See ).

Additionally Johnny owns and operates " Consulting" providing contracts management / contracts manager-like services. 

(See: )

Johnny is married to a great wife and  has two super children as well as  four wonderful grandchildren.

Johnny's Career and Personal Goal;









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"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding , ..."   Proverbs 3:5


John ("Johnny") E. Miller is the founder, owner, and operator of "The John E. Miller Law Office".   

His Contracts Management focus areas are:

*Commercial Agreements for Products

*Commercial Agreements for Services

*Master Services Agreements 

  *Work Orders

*Consulting Agreements

*Independent Contractor Agreements


*Teaming Agreements

*Joint Cooperation Agreements

*Strategic Alliance Agreements

*Sales Representative Agreements

*Reseller Agreements

*Beta Test Agreements 

*Evaluation Agreements

*Service Level Agreements 

*Statements of Work

*Software Agreements

"SAS Agreements"

"Escrow Agreements"

*License Agreements

*Technology Agreements

*Non Disclosure Agreements

*Support, Maintenance, and Training 


"BPO Agreements" and 

*Other Similar Agreements

In his multitude of legal services assignments and contracts management experiences as an advisor, an employee, a consultant, a category manager, and as a contractor, 

Johnny has provided accurate, creative, innovative, prompt, and cost-effective legal services / contracts management solutions for many large, medium,  and small businesses in many technology and industry domains. He works with buyers, sellers, resellers, suppliers, contractors, manufacturers, owners, OEMs, VARs, sales representatives, R & D entities, professional entities, service providers, SAS companies, software & technology licensors, and other parties.   

  He is well regarded as a team player.  He builds win-win lasting relationships with suppliers, service providers, customers, partners, collaborative entities, and other parties.      Johnny is known for helping management, as needed, in expanding viable markets and sales channels, and collaboratively developing legal services and contracts management options. Likewise, he assists buyers with contractual issues in various category management areas.     With his legal services and contracts management savvy Johnny has developed a reputation of engaging problems with a disciplined, process approach, and in an effective manner properly  communicating with all stakeholders. 


 He has been assigned the following job titles in his various key engagements:  Attorney-at-Law; Legal Counsel; Director on Board of Directors; Company Secretary; Legal Services Category Manager; Director of Contracts; General Counsel; Company Counsel; Legal Services Subject Matter Expert; Consultant; Outside Counsel; Environmental Services Subject Matter Expert; Export Compliance Point of Contact; Vice President; Instructor of Business Law;  Assistant Professor of Business Law; and Owner - Law Office.



 *  Fifty Tips for  Your Statement of Work (SOW) -  NCMA Contracts Management (CM) Magazine in August 2007.  This article was  awarded the 2007 Charles j. Delaney Memorial Award (presented by NCMA) as the most outstanding article in the CM Magazine in 2007 

* Corporate Achievement Award - Radian Corporation, Austin, Texas

*Johnny was selected as "Top Man" on January 31, 1969 of his Basic Combat Training Company by the base commander Colonal Irving C. Hughes, Infantry Commanding.  

*United States Army Commendation  Medal


*Missouri Bar Association" 

(Currently in-good-standing but Inactive)

*State Bar of Texas" (Currently Active and in-good-standing)


"CPCM" (Certified Professional Contracts Manager) awarded by NCMA after passing qualification exam) (Active and in-good-standing )


* Austin Lawyers Care

* Tango Flight

* Selected Individuals in Brazos  




JOHN ("JOHNNY") E. MILLER                                              

 AVVO RATING: 8.7 out of 10   


An organization established by Accenture of former Accenture professional employees

"For we live by faith, not by sight."

2 Corinthians 5:7


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  Copies of any of these articles and others are available upon request.

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